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18 People Who Grew Up In The “Third World” Explain What Shocked Them When They Moved To The “First World”


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1. Cuba to USA

The size of everything, I was picked up from the airport in a Ford Expedition, which was about the size of my house back in Cuba, and then taken to a six bedroom house. I remember I used to feel uncomfortable in the big rooms, so I would hang out in closets and what not at first.

On a side note, right before I left my older brother told me that in the US you could tell the toilet to wipe you, and a hand would come out of the back to gently wipe your bottom. He went on to specify that I must ask in English, because if I asked in Spanish, the hand would put a finger in my ass. I didn’t shit for a week.

So I guess another surprise was normal toilets.

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2. Rainforest to…

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